PwC:s Cyber Talk:
The future of security operations 2021

Wednesday June 23rd, 14:00-14:45


The ageing – twenty-something year old – model of SOC and SIEM, designed in an era where logging and alerting was the primary objective, needs to evolve to meet the sorts of threats facing businesses today... threats that can have catastrophic consequences. 

Knowing about a threat after the fact is not good enough; near real time detection, containment and response is now becoming the baseline. But with all of the additional telemetry available, this presents additional challenges for security teams.

A new wave of threat hunters are embracing ecosystems that equip them with all of the information they need to do their job – including joined-up and context rich telemetry from across their entire environment. Security automation and orchestration is not a new concept, it’s been around for some time now and the benefits are vast. But why isn’t this commonplace in every business?

In this webinar, PwC experts Paul Bottomley and Ollie Smith will explore the adoption and use of security orchestration and automation to supercharge detection and response, as well as discussing some of the considerations when building this into your ecosystem.




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